Bill And Val's Simple Slim 6 Diet

Simple Slim 6 Plan

As September 2008 came to a close, Billís body weight was 195 lbs (in shorts, t-shirt, no shoes). Bill wondered if he could drop down to 175 lbs just by adjusting a few simple things.

He called this approach the Simple Slim 6 -

The following guidelines would be followed for the months of October, November, and December of 2008:
1) When done with a meal, be sure to leave 10% or more of the food on the plate
2) Drink 16 oz of water each morning before any other substance 75% of the time
3) Stop eating any food after 7PM each evening 75% of the time
4) Concentrate on the flavor and taste of each bite taken
5) Think about ingesting just enough food to sustain the body until the next meal
6) No more soda

Ideas behind each principle-
Imagine if you leave 10% of your food uneaten each time you eat. Mathematically, if you eat 10 meals, it will be like you skipped an entire meal!

By drinking 16 oz of water first thing, not only does the stomach get filled up with something low calorie, but the bodyís metabolism enters a mode conducive to burning things more quickly as well as it helps re-establish body fluid levels.

Eating food close to bedtime leaves little chance that the body has an opportunity to burn all the calories consumed.

Thinking about the flavor and taste of each bite not only causes one to eat more slowly, but also enhances the whole dining experience. Food tastes great! It is easy to want to eat more Ö but why send it right to the stomach? Slow down and truly enjoy.

The Ironman experience highlighted how few calories are actually needed to sustain the human body. During the Ironman, a mere 500 calories can keep an athlete going each hour during this grueling event. Outside of such extreme conditions, a few hundred calories should be all that is needed per hour. This principle only requires thinking about this, not doing anything about it.

Cokes, Pepsis, Mountain Dews, any and all soda will be stopped.

Bill will continue to workout as he always has, no change. Bill will continue drink beer, eat steaks, and the like. The only change will be following the Simple Slim 6 rules.

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20 lbs was not lost, so the experiment was a failure. Bill lost 13 lbs and stabilized around 183 lbs. While the weight itself held steady, Bill's physical structure did not. He required new clothes! New pants and belts had to be bought.

January 1, 2009

The weight measured today was 182 lbs!

December 1, 2008

The weight measured today was 183 lbs ... wearing under clothes.

November 1, 2008

The weight measured today was 188 lbs ... wearing sweat pants, shoes, and t-shirt.

October 1, 2008

The weight measured today was 195 lbs ... wearing sweat pants, shoes, and t-shirt.

Who is in control of your body?