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Welcome to Bill and Val's information site ... in our corner of the Internetiverse. All content presented is based on our first hand life experiences and our interests; your trip experience will vary. You are welcome to reuse the information found here for any purpose as long as you provide a link back to this site on the same page where you present the information. Enjoy!

Drink Up The Refreshing View

We believe life is a fun journey that must be explored to the fullest. From our perspective, it is every human beings obligation to experience as much as they can during their lifetime. For all we know, we may only get one go around. Our website contains information that shares our life experiences and our take on the world. Some information is funny, bold, raw, and/or controversial. Read it at your own peril! No matter what someone else might think, life is a good trip. Our journeys and experiences include the Arctic Circle, Aruba, Hong Kong, Cruise, Rome, Aurora Borealis, Automotive Fuel from Water, Colosseum, Taj Mahal, Karate, Florida, angkor wat, business travel, Russia, Manila, having a baby, Chuuck, Truk Lagoon, Giza, cycling, dog sledding, Egypt, France, dune buggy rides, Pyramids, California, Big Ben, India, Germany, Italy, trains, Philippines, Niagara Falls, motorcycling, Spain, Kilimanjaro, Australia, Moscow, Yellowknife, Ironman Races, Chechen Itza, Mekong River rides, backpacking, Canada, Bahamas, airlines, Honduras, Ultra Marathons, Sphinx, Tanzania, Bangkok, Korea, flying, England, scuba diving, Spain, BiPlane flight, Hawaii, Triathlons, Dresden, Mallorca, China, Prague, Space Shuttle, London, Bay Islands, Cancun, Frankfurt, Maglev, and sky diving. So pack your vicarious suitcase and enjoy your journey!

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August 1st, 2019